Walk Information

HopeKids Walk and Run

Your plain-and-simple guide to fundraising for the walk. We made it easy because asking people for money shouldn’t be hard.

Why should you participate?

Funds raised benefit HopeDay and HopeCommunity programs – in other words all the events on your calendar! By fundraising, you are providing hope for the future through an ongoing calendar of free events for your family and other families involved in the program. Families often ask us how they can “give back” – question meet answer.

Fundraising Toolkit

Tell your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends about your fundraising efforts. Click here for a cheat sheet!
The possibilities are endless! Here's a list of fundraisers that work, in case you need help getting started.
Need help getting started? Having difficulty setting up your team fundraising page? Click here for in-depth video tutorials.

Thank you for participating and we’ll see you at the walk!