Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise release your information to individuals or organizations that are not part of HopeKids without your permission. We require some pieces of information for registration for the HopeKids website and for participation in HopeKids events. We work hard to make sure this data is safe.

Email Address:  We ask you for your email address when you register for the HopeKids website, when you submit an application for your child to become a member of HopeKids, and when you subscribe to HopeKids publications such as the HopeMinute and HopeNotes. Your email address is never given to third parties without your permission. HopeKids communicates event invitations and notices to parents by email. We employ techniques to ensure that your email address is never visible to other parties when such mailings occur.

Names:  We require the full name of any child that wishes to become a member of HopeKids as well as the name of the mother and father for that child. To protect our children, we only use the first name of any HopeKids child in any of our pages and pages that refer to your child are only visible to other registered parents and members of HopeKids.

Address and Phone Number:  Our registered parents section contains a family directory that lists phone numbers and addresses. Parents may choose whether or not they appear in the directory.

Other Information:  We ask you for certain medical information to determine your child’s eligibility for the HopeKids program. This information is displayed on your child’s personal HopePage in the registered parents section. We require you to supply a child’s birthdate at the time of registration, but this information is never shown on the HopeKids website. Your child’s age (in years) is shown on your child’s HopePage which is visible only to other registered parents.