Kansas City Chapter

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PO Box 901298, Kansas City, MO 64190


Kerrie Bryant, Executive Director kerrie@hopekids.org, (816) 372-0311

Kerrie is a Texas native who first served as a volunteer for the HopeKids North Texas chapter. After eight years in professional sports at the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys, Kerrie felt she was being called to do more to help others. When Kansas City was chosen as a new location for HopeKids, Kerrie JUMPED at the opportunity to serve as the Executive Director and help bring hope to families in KC. 

Kerrie attended Tarleton State University where she was a member of the coed cheer team while earning a Masters in Business Management and Leadership and a Bachelor of Business Administrative Systems. Kerrie and her fiance, Ray, love to travel, play tennis, fish, go to the lake, or do anything outdoors! Kerrie always has a smile on her face and is excited to share her passion for helping others and love for the Lord with the greater Kansas City area. 


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