Economic Support

IMG_1899-2A significant percentage of our families are in the low to moderate-income range. However, all families who have a child with a life-threatening illness are seriously impacted by overwhelming medical costs. The financial impact isn’t simply limited to medical bills. Families are hit with extra transportation costs, out of town treatment, eating out, missed time at work, or even a parent who must quit work to care for their child. Paying for and planning social activities isn’t realistic or feasible for most of our families.stats-5

Even if a family has the ability to pay for an event, the all-consuming demands of a life-threatening childhood illness often overwhelms other resources like time, energy or the initiative for planning. HopeKids alleviates these challenges by providing events that are pre-organized and available free of charge to the whole family.

Everyone knows that financial stress can be debilitating. The Health Science Journal reports that, “[E]very effort should be made to…organise programs of care and support for the sick child and the often neglected home carers, especially when poverty is an additional burden.” (1)

“Our daughter’s disease is so financially taxing that we are unable to do any type of out-­of-­the-­home family activity that costs money.”

1. D. Theofanidis, “Chronic Illness in Childhood: Psychosocial Adaptation and Nursing Support for the Child and Family,” Health Science Journal, Issue 2, April – June 2007, p 7.

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